Death with a Flower

McKenna Williams

You will always be the one who almost killed me
You with your sweet lies and false promises
You lured me into your silent darkness
Your charm easily hypnotizing
Presented with a flower, symbolism of love
I gave myself to you willingly.
Your insidious nature revealed quickly
Your disguise falls away to reveal your true form
Grim reaper
Caught in your trap as you scrape and tear at my flesh
I shriek and cry
Digging my nails into the earth
Dragging myself towards safety
Your grip becomes stronger, suffocating
My wearied body thrashes and writhes
A final shove away from you liberates me
I wail loud from the wounds you have inflicted
The agony too much to bear
Cold creeping in,
Refusing immobilization,
Compelled to get as far away as possible
Leaving behind the pieces of me you now hold captive
in your crypt
lifeless and haunting
Pieces of my heart lie in your tomb poisoned and rotting
The stolen portion of my soul now a lonely apparition,
Wondering the graveyard wretched and angry.
Seasons pass, Scars remain
A Reminder of my encounter and a warning to the reckless.

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